Arbor Flooring


Engineered wood flooring is composed of different layers of wood glued together at right-angles to each other. This structural approach improves the stability of the flooring. Engineered flooring is available in various different formats, but the two main types are as follows.
Firstly, the thinner, softwood-backed 14 or 15 mm flooring; this usually has a ‘wear layer’ or thin 4 or 5 mm veneer on top. Such products are generally either glued together, or the more recent floors have a click-in locking mechanism for fitting. More often than not, they are installed as a ‘floating floor’ and have the advantage of being quick to install and are also very stable. The click type floors enable them to be taken up and relaid if necessary.
The other type of engineered wood flooring is multi-layered boards. These are usually ply backed and often thicker, with a wear layer of solid wood of between 4 – 6mm. The advantage of these layered boards is that they are sturdier and less susceptible to wear. These can be fitted as either a floating floor or can be glued directly to the sub floor. As multi-layered boards are thicker, they can also be fitted directly on top of joists, by secret nailing. They are also suitable over underfloor heating.
With both of the above types of engineered wood flooring, after a number of years’ wear, with the correct floor sanding equipment, it is possible to sand and refinish the surface, bringing the floors back to life. The predominant wood for this type of flooring is Oak, which can be sourced with a variety of finishes.
We at Arbor Flooring supply and fit both multi-layered and the more conventional softwood-backed flooring, sourcing the latest guaranteed-to-last products from reputable sources.